Who am I?

Hey, My name's Jayleaf. I'm a developer of multiple things. I develop Discord bots, Video Games, and, as seen here, websites. I know HTML, CSS, node.JS, Blueprints (Unreal Engine 4 visual scripting), and a little bit of C++. I develop games in my free time (my current project being Rat Hunter), websites I either make for friends as gifts/favors (i rarely charge for my work, i've never really had a proper commission, but i'd be open to it), and discord bots I develop for my own personal use (i've once again never had a commission on it). I'm not really a professional developer but it's more a hobby of mine. Other times i'll probably be playing games such as Rust or Call Of Duty. My main programs that I use for development are Unreal Engine 4, Atom, Visual Studio, Substance Painter, Blender, and Photoshop. Substance Painter, Blender, and Photoshop are more products of my liking of designing things, whether it be 3D Models or Textures. I seldom draw anymore, but I used to enjoy it. If you wish to commission anything you can contact me from the links on my home page under my name, but thank you for reading up about me!

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